Tuesday, 14 March 2017

Vernice Design

Vernice is an established design practice based in Leicester, delivering space solutions. Technology is central to their approach, combining intuitive functionality and hidden features. From opulent suites to future proof children dens, the Vernice team uses a collaborative process to give birth to its realisations, either at design, manufacture or installation stage.

This piece of literature is a mailer and hand-out.
Printed offset Litho in CMYK, it's printed on Marazion Ultra 115gsm, which gives it a lovely tactile feel but the images and solid blacks have reproduced superbly.
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Finished size of the piece is 148mm square, which if used as a mailer, can be mailed out economically in a 155mm square envelope. It folds out to a flat size of 296x584mm. The below image shows both sides spread out flat
Below image shows the folds, no cracking, nice and smooth!
Design is by Farringdon based studio Popcorn and the designer on the project is Matt DuFour. Printing is by Chadbon Printing based in London.

Posted by Justin Hobson 14.03.2017

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