Friday, 27 October 2017

The Art of Ping Pong 2017

The Art of Ping Pong is a collaborative art concept that creates fun and colourful ping pong artworks raising a huge amount of money for charity.

Yesterday evening was the Exhibition launch party at the Protein Gallery in London EC2 and it was a great party. In particular I must give special thanks to Fullers for sponsoring the beer - Frontier Lager ...lovely!

What began life in 2013 as a ping pong party, organised by design agency Fivefootsix, it has gone on to raise over £15,000 for BBC Children in Need, The Alzheimer’s Society and the Roger Federer Foundation. Each of the contributing artists is sent a plain wooden table tennis bat which they then use for their artworks, with some truly stunning results.

...and here is the man himself, organiser Algy Batten (on the right), speaking to Paul McCarthy of Colt Press who sponsored the printing of the catalogue.
The Art of Ping Pong brand now extends to ping pong posters, t shirts, mini tables and of course stunning bat artworks. In the five years they have partnered with some of the world’s most exciting artists, such as: Anthony Burrill, Malika Favre, Noma Bar, Supermundane, Hattie Stewart, Jean Jullien, Crispin Finn, Jordy van den Nieuwendijk, Jake and Dinos Chapman, Alan Kitching, Mr Bingo, just to name a few.
...and here are some of my favourites from this year's selection:
Mr Bingo
Sam Taylor
Benedict Radcliffe
Yoni Alter
Mr Doodle
A particular treat was 'live drawing' by Mr Doodle, who in a matter of minutes, covered one of the special Art of Ping Pong tables in artwork ...watching him work was astounding:
Click on images to enlarge
...and here is the finished table:
...and here I am with Mr Doodle himself:
The party was great but of course NOW is your opportunity to join in the auction and actually make a bid. There are 27 artists in the line up and they're also auctioning off two prototypes of our Art of Ping Pong mini tables that have been painted by Charlie Oscar Patterson and Mr Doodle. The table legs fold inwards so that the tables can be hung directly on the wall as art pieces. What’s not to love?!
The charity this year is Trekstock a charity providing social and practical support to young adults in the UK facing cancer in their 20s's and 30's

You can bid here: DO IT NOW!
Of course I should also mention that we supplied the paper for the lovely 36pp catalogue, printed by Colt Press, but I'll write about that another day...  
The 27 artists are: Yoni Alter, Mr Bingo, John Booth, Emma Brewin, Fred Butler, Alison Carmichael, Sebastian Cox, Mr Doodle, Marina Esmeraldo, Emily Forgot, George Hardie, Nigel Howlett, Kev Munday, Neasden Control Centre Nous Vous, Zuza Mengham, Hattie Newman, Charlie Oscar Patterson, Stina Persson, Saskia Pomeroy, Pref, Benedict Radcliffe, Gemma Shiel, Adam Simpson, Sam Taylor, Louis Trew and Celia Washington.
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