Wednesday, 8 October 2014

ISTD Awards Book 2014

The ISTD 2014 awards catalogue perfectly illustrates the awards, the diversity of media and approach and an inspiring overview of international typographic design.

The cover is beautifully hot foil blocked in a combination of white and gloss black foil. The size of the publication is 185x130mm, portrait and is section sewn. The 8pp cover is printed on our Notturno 300gsm (which is our black range from the Cordenons mill in Italy - 90gsm up to 700gsm).
The below picture shows the 8pp cover with the 17mm thick spine - 176pp which makes quite a chunky little book.   
The hot foil blocking goes around the outside cover onto the flaps on the inside front and back covers.
The 176pp text is printed on our Omnia, White 150gsm which has reproduced fantastically - giving all the images used to show the award winners a huge amount of detail, while still making a tactile book that feels good in the hand.
It must be difficult to get an awards book like this to hold together in consistent way, showing the wide and diverse work in an interesting way, without it looking too formulaic. This book is well laid out and most readable.
Art direction and design of the awards book is by Playne Design. Designers on the project are Ade Mills, Clare Playne and Andy Scarles.
Photography for the awards book is by John Reynolds
The excellent printing, foiling and binding is by Banbury Litho
The awards book is now for sale "A three year snapshot of design (1 May 2011 to 4 June 2014) of work entered from around the world by designers who have used typography as an integral part of their design solution. An inspiring sourcebook of typographic excellence"
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