Thursday, 22 July 2010

The Bury St Edmunds Eco-Fair

Fenner Paper took the new SHIRO range from FAVINI to the Eco- Fair held at Bury St Edmunds in Suffolk last weekend. We were invited to be involved by Green Party Councillor Mark Ereira-Guyer and organiser Paul Turner who is Fire Brigade Union Environmental representative who hosted the fair. Suffolk is aiming at creating the Greenest County (

Rather than just having a stand at a show with samples and swatches, my colleague Marcus, wanted to add another dimension! he decided to get the ingredients from the mill and using a hand-made paper frame made his very own version of "TREE FREE" paper! 

Sheets of Cotton, bagasse and Bamboo pulp were sent from FAVINI in Italy and after a few trial goes in the company kitchinette, Marcus eventually became an expert at making handmade paper. So he packed up his papermaking kit, bucket, whisk and sheets of pulp and set off for deepest Suffolk. Below is pictured the "stock chest"
...and below is the finished "Tree Free" paper drying on tea towels.
Although this was all jolly good fun, there are a couple of serious points: paper can be made from anything fibrous and it takes a huge amount of water to make paper in the first place (see size of bucket) although it should be pointed out that at a paper mill, after cleaning, it is returned to the environment. 

Alga Carta - made using seaweed and FSC virgin fibres
Tree Free - made from annual plants such as bamboo, cotton or bagasse (100% non-tree fibres)
Echo - made from 50% Post Consumer Waste (PCW) combined with 50% FSC virgin fibres.
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