Tuesday, 20 July 2010


D8 is a creative agency based in Glasgow and Birmingham and I've worked with them over the last couple of years on some projects (...yes, even though we are based in the 'soft' South East!). This  project is for themselves and is the first issue of their own self published biannual magazine. It is a cracking job but has proved very hard for us to photograph! - especially the cover (below) which has a very unconventional wrap which is folded back on itself to give three equal vertical strips and then folded over the top and bottom of the front cover - I hope with that description, you can make it out...
Now I want to point out that this is actually a magazine and not a promo brochure trying to look like a magazine. There are some extra pages showing their work, but there are 36pp of solid editorial, including an excellent article by Adrian Carroll - "Is Apple killing design?"

Now from a paper point of view it does break my personal three paper rule, which is "never use more than three materials in a job unless there's a really good reason" In this case there is a good reason because of the way the materials have been broken up to work with specific subjects and the gloss coated as half page width dividers etc. To give you a quick run through, Cover: Omnia 280gsm Text: Brand X FSC, Starfine White 115gsm, Redeem 100% Recycled (also for the wrap) and Concorde Pure Brilliance 135gsm.

The print, which I have to say is excellent, is by Hay Nisbet Press in Glasgow.

Design was by everyone at D8! ...but I worked specifically with Stephen Cappello on the project - and thank you for the lovely note...
Posted by Justin Hobson 20.07.2010

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