Friday, 16 July 2010

Goldsmiths MFA

Maria Fusco is the Director of Art Writing at Goldsmiths where she runs the postgraduate programme - MFA Art Writing. This is the first year of
graduation, and they were organising a live publishing project at the launch of the show. Louise Ramsay from APFEL suggested she got in touch with me to suggest a suitable paper to use, which was nice - thank you Louise.

It was a student-led project in collaboration with the designers, Ken Kirton and Clare Acheson. The sheets were pre-printed on a RISO machine at a print collective based in Camden called Hato Press. The sheets were then overprinted on an A3 duplex laser printer at the show.
One of the designers involved, Ken Kirton:
Designer Clare Acheson:
The live publishing event in action:
The finished result printed on our new SHIRO Alga Carta in 90gsm:
It was a really good event and the Goldsmiths MFA students showed some truly amazing exhibits!

The only thing that was maybe a bit disappointing at Goldsmiths was the rather half-hearted effort they've put into trying to stop education cuts! ...neither high impact or attracting a crowd!
Posted by Justin Hobson 16.07.2010

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  1. Brilliant, thanks for the post Justin and it was great to meet you at the event!


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