Thursday, 15 July 2010

All Over the Place

This is an exhibition catalogue which uses an interesting choice of material to great effect. It is for an exhibition which is currently on at the University of Leeds until 27th August which is billed as 'drawings in response to considerations of place' and is a collaborative venture with a creative practice-led research network called Land2.  
Size of the job is 235mm x 290mm Landscape and is perfect bound. It has a 4pp cover,  48pp text printed on Omnia 280gsm and 150gsm. It is published and designed by The Caseroom Press in Lincoln. Design is by Philippa Wood and cover design is by Barrie Tullett.

The reason I said that this was a slightly unusual material choice is that most people use Omnia because four colour work is fantastic and that means that most projects that people consider it for are heavily photographic. Omnia was chosen for this job because some of the illustrations are very fine and maintaining the detail was very important but a tactile uncoated feel was still essential - so there you have it, Omnia was the answer!

Print is by Wyndeham Gait based in Grimsby.
...and thank you Barrie for sending me a couple of file copies.

Posted by Justin Hobson 15.07.2010

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