Friday, 30 July 2010

Just the cover makes the difference

Here's a job that is worth a look at because it uses paper to increase the quality and feel of the whole project. This is a piece of literature produced for care home, Headingley Hall in Leeds. The size of the job is 200x250mm portrait. What makes it a worth writing about is that it wasn't produced with a massive budget but the designer used our Omnia for the cover to give it a more tactile engaging feel. The gold hot foil blocking, also gives it a quality feel and keeps it miles away from the naff "glossy" brochure which is often produced for this type of publication. Having said that, the text paper is on a gloss art (which works well and fitted the budget) but the cover has already set the tone and feel.
Omnia on inside front cover working with the gloss coated on page 1:
Inside back cover spread with pocket
This is a good example of using a material for a part of a project which can just lift the whole look and feel and make a piece of literature special as opposed to being ordinary.
The job is designed by Bradford based designer Mark Starbuck and thank you for the note...
Posted by Justin Hobson 30.07.2010

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