Friday, 27 September 2019

Matt Russell Portfolio

Matt Russell is a London-based photographer specialising in food, travel, lifestyle and portraiture. With a strong reputation for his natural style and ability to capture life, Matt has established himself internationally as a trusted, reputable photographer. He has an inherent ability to work closely with clients to achieve their vision for both editorial and advertising.
“I absolutely love my job and the places that it takes me, not to mention the amazingly talented and passionate people that I get to work with everyday. I feel incredibly privileged.”
This 40pp portfolio shows Matt's wide ranging photography skills in one superbly produced package. The size is 285x225mm (a good economical size out of a B1 sheet)
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It has a 40pp text printed on our Omnia 120gsm. For those readers not familiar with Omnia, it is an uncoated paper with a surface treatment. What this means is that it feels like an uncoated paper but because the surface treatment minimises 'dot-gain', the print result is much more like that of a coated silk or gloss coated paper.
Centre spread...
There are so many good images here which look so good, that it's hard not to show you every spread!
The publication is printed offset litho throughout in CMYK. As you can see from images, some of the images are quite dark, but there is no loss of detail, which is what can often happen printing on a true uncoated paper. As you can see from the detail image below, the reproduction is simply stunning.
The brochure is saddle stitched and even though Omnia is a very bulky paper, even with 40pp the spine looks good and doesn't "gape" in the middle, as you can see below.
Another lovely feature is the use of copper wire stitches. Just another lovely touch which makes this publication superb
Printing is by Ambrose Press. Jonathan Savory handled the project. Particular care has been taken over the repro - as with all projects for photographers, there is detail in the images which can only be truly appreciated by the photographer and it is the skill of the printer to be able to listen and interpret these comments in the finished printed job. Not always easy to do but this is a beautiful piece of printed literature.
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Wednesday, 25 September 2019

ArjoWiggins mills saved in UK

Today it has been announced that the two remaining UK paper mills of the ArjoWiggins group have been bought in a buyout by the management of the failed mills. This is excellent news for the UK paper industry, saving over 500 jobs.
You can read more here on the Printweek site:
I have previously written about ArjoWiggins when they went into administration here and when their mill in France closed here, taking with them products that many were familiar with including Cyclus, Cocoon, Chromomatt, Satimatt etc...
This buyout involves two UK paper mills, Stoneywood, based in Scotland and Chartham, based in Kent. This is very positive news for the UK and it is great that the management finally managed to convince the banks that it was a risk worth taking. Apparently significant financial backing has also been received from the economic development agency Scottish Enterprise. In these strange political times, it will be interesting to see how the Scottish parliament will view the Scottish development agency propping up a paper mill based in Kent! 
Recent history demonstrates that many paper mills that come out of administration often don't make it and go bust again, Let's hope that is not the case for these mills and they can make a positive contribution to the UK economy.
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Monday, 23 September 2019

Caroline Baker Folder

Caroline Baker is a company offering property development and family office services. This folder compliments the other literature including the sales and credentials brochure that I've written about before. The folder is printed on one of our new Colorset shades - Charcoal in 350gsm.

The size of the folder is 310x220mm, portrait and has one glued pocket on the inside back cover. It is just simply and beautifully hot foil blocked on the outside front and back covers.
The pocket is an angled 110mm high pocket with corner cuts so that a business card can be inserted.
The below image shows the folder opened on the front and reverse...
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The below image shows the quality of the matrix crease. A simple job like this relies on the quality of materials, foiling and finishing, making the difference between an OK job and an excellent job.
Print and hot foiling is by Identity Print, based in Paddock Wood with Paul Martin handling the project.
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Tuesday, 17 September 2019

Basic Pleasure Model

This is a new book from photographer Rick Pushinsky, which is actually being launched this week - he'll be giving a short talk this Saturday about the book at the Unseen Book Market in Amsterdam, which is the event for self published books.

The size of the book is 320x240mm, portrait and the cover is produced on our SUMO, black 3mm thick. It is silkscreened in white and the image is printed on paper which is mounted into a debossed panel on the front cover.
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Back cover...
The finishing requires a special mention. It has an "open" section sewn binding. This is where the book is finished as a conventional section sewn block but glue is applied without the "text block" being placed into a cover. Some people call this "Coptic binding" but I'm not sure that is really the correct term. It works brilliantly with the Sumo, heavy board
Design is Bernd Grether. Printing is by Kopa in Lithuania.

You can read more about the book here:
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Friday, 13 September 2019

Victorian Blogging exhibition

Yesterday evening, the opening event for the exhibition titled Victorian Blogging opened at the Conway Hall.

Conway Hall is the oldest surviving freethought organisation in the world. The only surviving ethical surviving ethical society in the world, it is named in honour of Moncure Daniel Conway (1832 – 1907), anti-slavery advocate, out-spoken supporter of free thought and biographer of Thomas Paine.
The exhibition is about the humble Pamphlet, the original type of blog. Since the invention of the printing press in the fifteenth century, pamphlets have been used for a variety of purposes – from reports of meetings and court cases to reproducing political speeches, from spreading religious messages to spreading gossip and tall stories – but their great strength lies in the weaponry of their words for political and social protest. Where previously the political elite had been able to easily keep information from the masses, pamphlets opened access to ‘ordinary people’, enabling them to begin to criticise their political and religious masters and demand involvement in the decisions that affected their daily lives.
This exhibition will showcases the key campaigns, movements and agitators represented in Conway Hall Library’s nineteenth-century pamphlet collection. It is part of the Conway Hall's National Lottery Heritage Funded project to digitise the pamphlets and make them freely available online.

This is the publication that accompanies the exhibition. It's an 18pp concertina folded publication, size is 104 x 146mm, folding out to 308 x 438mm.
It is digitally printed on our Redeem 100% Recycled 100gsm and as you can see, the result is superb. The paper is uncoated with a neutral white shade giving the publication a feel which really works with the subject and is sympathetic with the period.
Design is by Gareth Humphreys. Digital printing is by Typecast Colour in Paddock Wood.

You can read more about the exhibition which runs until the end of January here:

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Tuesday, 10 September 2019


The Playbook of Form is notebook style publication produced for Accenture. Size is 210x137mm portrait with a 4pp cover and 108pp text and is PUR bound, the spine is 9mm thick. On the outside cover and on the spine, it is hot foil blocked in two colours with foil supplied by Foilco. The cover is printed on Zeta Hammer, Brilliant White 350gsm.
Being an internal publication, it isn't appropriate to show you the inside text pages, suffice it to say the job is printed in three colours (purple, blue and black) offset litho. the majority of pages are just printed as squares for writing notes...
The 108pp text is printed on Shiro Echo, Bright White 120gsm, which is our 100% recycled paper with FSC accreditation.
Spine is 9mm, below image shows the PUR binding...
Print and hot foiling is by Identity Print, based in Paddock Wood with Paul Martin handling the project.
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Friday, 6 September 2019

Assila Hotel, Jeddah

Offering a rooftop outdoor pool and spa center, the Assila Hotel, part of the Rocco Forte hotel group, is located in Jeddah in the Makkah Al Mukarramah province.

This superb brochure for the hotel, reveals the new Rocco Forte branding by Pentagram.

The format is A5 (210x148mm) portrait and is saddle stitched. The 8pp cover is printed and foiled on Dali, Perla 200gsm and the 36pp text is printed on our Marazion Ultra 135gsm.
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Below shows a detail image of the 8pp cover showing the full width flaps.
The book is written and produced entirely in arabic and therefore it opens at what we in the west consider to be the back, so the image below shows the inside front spread.
The material used for the cover is our Dali range, which is a 'felt-marked' paper with a linear effect and a natural, tactile feel. If you click on the image below, you will be able to see the texture in the paper.
The 36pp text is printed offset litho on our Marazion Ultra 135gsm, chosen because of it's dead matt flatness which would reproduce the interior images well without a glossiness which would detract from the cool look and feel of the hotel.
Inside back cover with cover flap opened...
Below image showing that it sits nice and flat without 'gaping' in the centre of the spine.
The excellent print, repro and finishing is by Gavin Martin Colournet, based in London.
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Monday, 2 September 2019

Jobs from the past - Number 119

Regular followers of this blog will know that my first post of every month is a "job from the past" so that I can show some of the really good work from years gone by and here's one from 2002. 

Fourth Estate Catalogue 
July-December 2002
The Fourth Estate is a publishers that many people will be familiar with. Founded by Victoria Barnsley in 1984, Fourth Estate built a reputation as one of the most innovative and eclectic imprints in the industry, with a reputation for publishing a wide variety of critically-acclaimed and beautifully-produced titles including many prize winning authors (Booker, Orange etc).

One of the things that made the Fourth Estate stand out from the crowd was their catalogues - they were simply amazing pieces of design and print! I was lucky enough to work on a few different catalogues in the late 90's and early 2000's. Every single one was different and brilliant. Good designers were commissioned, Bogue & Hopgood, Instinct, Pentagram, Rose Design, Frost, Neville Brody, Tom Hingston to name a few. In line with their reputation for publishing unconventional yet innovative titles, the design of the catalogue was equally eclectic.

This is a particularly distinctive catalogue, printed in just one colour - white onto a black paper and board...
The effect of printing it onto black paper, means that the edge is a solid black and the white silkscreen ink looks really white and jumps off the page. Below shows the black edge.
The design and art direction is by Vince Frost with the superb illustrations by Marion Deuchars. This is a very special project where the creative direction, excellent execution of the images and high production values all come together.
Click on images to enlarge
The size of the book is 225x160mm, portrait. It has an 8pp cover and a 72pp text. The 8pp cover has full width flaps (148mm wide) which you can see in this birsdseye image here...
Click on images to enlarge
It is printed on our Colorset Nero (100% Recycled) 270gsm and 120gsm. Some of the pages towards the back of the publication are just listings, which again are superbly printed given that it is silkscreen ink, which cannot print as finely as litho.
Click on images to enlarge
 Detail showing the quality of the type reproduction:
 The spine measures 7mm...
 The 120gsm text weight flows really nicely...

Design and art direction is by Vince Frost. Illustrations by Marion Deuchars. The print production was undertaken by Lauren Displays in Ayelsford in Kent and they made a superb job of it.
So, where is everybody now?....
Victoria Barnsley, founder of Fourth Estate, joined Harper Collins as CEO and Publisher in 2000 when it acquired her company, leaving in 2013.
The silkscreen printer, Lauren Displays, have been taken over and are now part of the DS Smith Group.

Marion Deuchars is a very popular illustrator and works through the Heart Agency in London.

Vince Frost left for the sunnier climate of Australia around eighteen years ago and runs Frost* in Sydney.

...and Fenner Paper? ...yep, we're still here!

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